Funda Nenja was founded in July 2009 with the vision of developing greater respect and compassion for all living things by promoting the bond between children and dogs, using the discipline of dog training.

Education on animal welfare, the need for sterilization, humane handling of animals, as well as kind, gentle dog training methods are included in the weekly classes. The children/dog handlers learn the need for self-discipline, commitment, responsibility which, in the long run, develops personal growth and self-worth. The dogs learn that interacting with humans can be fun and rewarding, resulting in increased confidence and happier dispositions.

Through our partnership with the Ethembeni AIDS Ministry –, the ‘Funda Nenja kids’ have access to the services of an Auxiliary Social Worker who is able to offer them educational and psychological guidance.

Funda Nenja has become an important and trusted part of the community as evidenced by the growth in numbers of children attending since its inception in 2009. The condition of the dogs in the Mpophomeni community has visibly improved and is positively commented upon by many visitors to the area. Testimonials from parents and caregivers of the children confirm the fundamental change that Funda Nenja has made in the lives of the children.

Touching lives by incorporating psycho-social services to children through the medium of dog training.