Our Family Support Programme


Family support services provides assistance to children and their families in need of help in psycho-social matters, cognitive and material needs.


Our Social Worker, based at our  Zamuthule Primary School office assesses children’s needs during home visits and counselling sessions. She also delivers life skills education sessions supporting the local schools, incorporating the CAPS curriculum.


Care-giver support programmes are in its infant stages and is being developed to address pertinent issues affecting the community of Mpophomeni.


The need for Social Services is vital and in great demand.


The extent and impact of unemployment in the area both of caregivers and the youth are contributing to areas of drug abuse, child neglect and lack of proper living standards




Funda Nenja is unique in its approach to highlight the theme of animal welfare and the bond between the dog and the child; the value that a dog has to a child and family using these principles to encourage children to think and act differently and more responsibly.

The Impact of Funda Nenja


Ms Drummond, a Psychology Honours student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, conducted research in 2013 on the psycho-social impact of Funda Nenja on a sample of the children attending the programme.


She found that Funda Nenja had a positive impact on the childrens’ lives.


Read her research here... (click to read or download)

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