Funda Nenja Township Dog Training Initiative


The Funda Nenja model aims to nurture children into caring and responsible young adults while at the same time opening up possibilities for their self-development.


The dogs are used to teach these principles and in so doing creates the bond between child and dog. By using this training technique, they learn discipline and respect when interacting with parents, teachers, people of different cultures and their environment. Find out more...

Funda Nenja Animal Welfare Programme


Our ANIMAL WELFARE programme begins on a very practical level. When entering the programme all children are taught the basic needs and care of a dog; the dog is assessed and fitted with a collar and leash, de-wormed and treated for ticks and fleas.


While the children are engaged in these activities, our animal welfare officer treats the puppies and dogs for minor injuries and diseases, and rabies vaccines are administered. Find out more ...

Funda Nenja Family Support Programme


Family support services provides assistance to children and their families in need of help in psycho-social matters, cognitive and material needs.


Funda Nenja is unique in its approach to highlight the theme of animal welfare and the bond between the dog and the child; the value that a dog has to a child and family using these principles to encourage children to think and act differently and more responsibly. Find out more...

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