Funda Nenja relies entirely on donations and volunteers to run our Friday afternoon township dog-training classes.

There are many ways in which you can help. You can:

Give a good feeling

Everyone likes to feel good. Next time someone has a birthday or celebrates a special occasion, give a donation to Funda Nenja on their behalf.

Many of us have all the stuff we could possibly want and would prefer to support a good cause rather than have more bath salts, chocolate, or socks.  This idea is perfect for family and friends who are far away, and saves a fortune on postage too. Your gift will give dogs the chance to feel special and kids the opportunity of saying “good dog”!

We’ll send a personalised e-card to the recipient of your kindness (see below). Just click here to let us know who and how much and what the occasion is, and make a deposit into our bank account.

Comments from some recipients of Feel Good Funda Nenja Gifts:
Leigh Taylor: Thanks so much for the lovely gift, it is always nicest to share.  May all beings be happy and free from suffering!
Nkanyiso Ndlela: Thank you. This present made me feel nice.funda nenja voucher 2014

Feel good forever - Join Funda Nenja

Funda Nenja supporter membership is a R100 once-off fee. To become a member, please click here to download the membership application form. Please return the completed form to

Donations - South African Residents

Bank Deposit/EFT

Donations can be deposited into the following bank account; remember to please let us know by e-mail when you make a donation and whether the donation is for a specific purpose.

Account Name: Funda Nenja TDTI
Bank: FNB
Branch code: 22 07 25
Account no: 62458766197

Funda Nenja is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (085-038-NPO), as well as a Public Benefit Organisation (930 045 482). As such, donations to Funda Nenja are currently tax deductible in the RSA in terms of s18A of the Income Tax Act. Should you wish to claim your donation to Funda Nenja as a deductible item you will require a certificate from Funda Nenja. To request your certificate click here to send an e-mail request to us. You must attach proof of your donation to the e-mail. Donations to Funda Nenja may also be taken into account when calculating a BEE SED class score.


givengainYou can support Funda Nenja by making a donation via the Givengain website – just click here to go there.

Donations via SMS

You can support Funda Nenja by sending the sm “Donate FN” to 48748. Each SMS costs R10. Free minutes do not apply.

Donations - RSA Non-residents

givengainYou can support Funda Nenja by making a donation via the Givengain website – just click here to go there.

Other ways to support Funda Nenja

Please click here to learn about other ways to support the Funda Nenja Township Dog-Training Initiative.

Support us with PayPal

NPO number: 085-038

PBO number: 930 045 482

Donors can claim tax deductions on donations. Contact us for a Section 18a tax certificate for your donation.